Spanish Group on Adhesion and Adhesives (GEAA)

Members and benefits


 Within the Group there are four types of members:

  1. Ex-officio members. A representative from eahc of the ASEFCA fellow partners.
  2. Fellow members. People, scientists or technicians, who have applied, been accepted and satisfy the ASEFCA created partner quota.
  3. Honorary members. People who, for what they bring to the Group, may justify their inclusion in the Group as honorary members, who are admitted by majority vote of the Group's members. 
  4. Sponsor members. All people, natural or legal, who have interests in the development of the Group and contribute to the sustaining of the Group in a singular way.

Honorary members and sponsors have the right to be heard at Group meetings but not the right to vote on decision taken.


The status of Spanish Group on Adhesion and Adhesives membership has the following benefits:


  1. To receive internal publications which include all information related to congresses, courses, seminars, fairs, expositions, etc., on the field of Adhesion and Adhesives, coatings and sealants, etc., as well as any other information considered of interest to the Group.
  2. Participate in the co-ordination of scientific-technical activities of interest to the Group.
  3. Collaborate in the timetabling and preparation of training courses.
  4. Participate in congresses, courses and technical seminars organised by the Group, with reduced costs, on the Adhesion and Adhesives field.
  5. Have the documentation for courses and congresses organised by the Group at their disposal.