Spanish Group on Adhesion and Adhesives (GEAA)

Organized events up to now


XVIII International Conference on Adhesion and Adhesives (Barcelona, 2017). Organized by the Spanish Association of glue and adhesives manufacturers (ASEFCA) in collaboration with GEAA.

Workshop Sealants and Adhesives (Barcelona, 2017). Organized by GEAA

XVII International Conference on Adhesion and Adhesives (Madrid, 2016). Organized by Escuela Técnica Superior de Ingeniería y Diseño Industrial de la Universidad Politécnica of Madrid in collaboration of GEAA 

Workshop Applications of adhesives for industrial design (Madrid, 2016). Organized by GEAA

XVI Adhesion and Adhesives Conference (Elda, 2015). Organized by the Technological Institute INESCOP in colaboration with GEAA 

Workshop Hot Melt Adhesives (Elda, 2015). Organizaded by GEAA

XV Adhesion and Adhesives Conference (Zaragoza, 2014). Organized by Instituto Tecnológico de Aragón (ITAINNOVA) in collaboration with GEAA 

Workshop New applications of adhesives for electrical appliance and industrial components (Zaragoza, 2014). Organized by GEAA

XIV Adhesion and Adhesives Conference (Porriño, 2013). Organized by Centro Tecnológico AIMEN in collaboration with GEAA 

Workshop Joint technologies for automotive industry (Porriño, 2013). Organized by GEAA

XIII Adhesion and Adhesives Conference (Barcelona, 2012). Organized by IQS-Universitat Ramón Llull i collaboration with GEAA 

Workshop Joint Technologies for Nautical Applications (Barcelona, 2012). Organized by GEAA

II Workshop of Adhesives for Industry. Innovation through adhesive joints (Bilbao, 2011). Organized by Universidad del País Vasco in collaboration with GEAA

XII Adhesion and Adhesives Conference (San Sebastián, 2011). Organized by TECNALIA in collaboration with GEAA 

Workhsop on Nanotechnology and Adhesives (San Sebastián, 2011). Organized by GEAA

Conference on Adhesive Joints for Automotion (Madrid, 2011). Universidad Pontificia Comillas de Madrid in collaboration with GEAA 

XI Conference on Adhesion and Adhesives (Madrid, 2010). Organized by UPCO-ICAI of Madrid in collaboration with GEAA 

Workshop on Adhesive Joints for land transport vehicles (Madrid, 2010). Organized by GEAA  

X Conference on Adhesion and Adhesives (Alicante, 2009). Organized by Universidad of Alicante in collaboration with GCTAA. 

Workshop on Bioadhesion, bioadhesives y natural adhesive (Alicante, 2009).  Organized by GEAA 

IX Conference on Adhesion and Adhesives (Valladolid, 2008). Organized by Universidad de Valladolid in collaboration with GCTAA 

Workshop on Adhesion and composites (Valladolid, 2008). Organized by GEAA 

VIII Conference on Adhesives (Badajoz, 2007). Organized by Universidad de Extremadura in collaboration with GCTAA 

Workshop on Adhesive and Sealant technologies for Renowable Energies (Badajoz, 2007). Organized by GCTAA 

VII Conference on Adhesives in EUROCOAT (Barcelona, 2006). Organized by GCTAA

Workshop on Adhesives for building (Barcelona, 2006). Organized by GCTAA.

VI Conference on Adhesives (Valencia, 2005). Organized by AIDIMA in collaboration with GCTAA

V Conference of Adhesives (Madrid, 2004). Organized by Universidad Politécnica de Madrid in collaboration with GCTAA 

Course on General Adhesion (San Sebastián, 2003). Organized by GCTAA 

IV  Conference on Adhesives (San Sebastián, 2003). Organized by CIDEMCO in collaboration with GCTAA