Spanish Group on Adhesion and Adhesives (GEAA)



The use of adhesives, sealants and coatings (including paints) currently has great relevance in the industry and technology as well as in scientific knowledge. 

Given this relevance, the Spanish Group on Adhesion and Adhesives (GEAA) was founde in Alicante on the 21st of March 2003, as part of ASEFCA (Spanish Association of Glues and Adhesives Manufacturers). The GEAA gathers individuals whose professional activities are linked with scientific and/or technical aspects about adhesives and adhesion phenomena. 

The event brought together a large number of specialists in the Adhesion and Adhesives field, University respresentatives and industrial technology centres throughout Spain. This action solidified the scope and foundations of the Group. 

Since its creation, the GEAA organizes the annual Conference on Adhesion and Adhesives, which in 2013 will celebrate the fourteenth edition, as well as specialized workshops on adhesion and adhesives and their differents fields of applications. 

The true value of this Group lies in the potential of its members, who have already formed a big family composed by world renowned experts in different areas of the adhesion and adhesives field as well as others that have recently began their activities in this discipline.

All members have equal opportunities of giving opinions and participating in the initiatives which GEAA promotes, as well as making proposals for activities of interest.


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